Drew Endy defines Synthetic Biology

Drew Endy is an important figure in the world of synthetic biology, being one of the first influential pioneers in the field. In the short informal video below he gives a excellent concise description of what synthetic biology is in his opinion. Check it out after the break.

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Video of the Week #1: Synthetic Biology Explained

This article is rated Beginner, it is a good introduction to the topic.This is the first “Video of the Week” post. Each week I will be posting one interesting video about genetic engineering, synthetic biology, or anything else relevant to this site. Videos will range vastly in length, content difficulty, etc. – they will include introduction videos, documentaries, public lectures/debates, news reports, or interesting animations. Anything which is a video is eligible. If you think you know an interesting video which we should show, make sure to contact us.

To kick us off we have “Synthetic Biology Explained”, a video by James Hutson of Bridge8 – hosted by TechNyou. It is quite a nicely presented introduction to Synthetic Biology. For this reason it has also been added to the learning page on Synthetic Biology.

Make sure to come back every Tuesday for a new Video of the Week!

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