Video of the Week #1: Synthetic Biology Explained

This article is rated Beginner, it is a good introduction to the topic.This is the first “Video of the Week” post. Each week I will be posting one interesting video about genetic engineering, synthetic biology, or anything else relevant to this site. Videos will range vastly in length, content difficulty, etc. – they will include introduction videos, documentaries, public lectures/debates, news reports, or interesting animations. Anything which is a video is eligible. If you think you know an interesting video which we should show, make sure to contact us.

To kick us off we have “Synthetic Biology Explained”, a video by James Hutson of Bridge8 – hosted by TechNyou. It is quite a nicely presented introduction to Synthetic Biology. For this reason it has also been added to the learning page on Synthetic Biology.

Make sure to come back every Tuesday for a new Video of the Week!

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